Hi there, I’m Lance – the owner of the Cat Valet and your cat’s personal valet for when you’re away! We all know how much cats love to be served. Kings and Queens in their high towers, waited on hand and foot by loyal servants, daily. That’s exactly what I bring with the Cat Valet! I offer pet care in Cambridge and anywhere along the A10 corridor to Ely, so your cat doesn’t have to spend time in a cattery and you get peace of mind, knowing they’re cared for while you’re away. As a cat sitter in Cambridge, I’ll make sure your pet is well-fed and watered, with plenty of cuddles and strokes, so they feel right at home. When you get back, it’ll be like you never left!

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About The Cat Valet

My name is Lance and I’ve been a cat-owner and lover for many years. I have 30 years of experience as carer for nervous cats and dogs, having rescued several during my time. My special focus is on caring for cats of a nervous disposition – coming from rescue centres, they have often suffered traumatic experiences but, deep down, they want to be loved just like any other cat. I make sure they are, with my pet care in Cambridge. While I love the cuddling side of the job, I’m ready to provide as hands-on or hands-off a brand of care as your cat needs. That way, they can be properly looked-after, while staying comfy and relaxed in their own home.




Not “Just a Job”

Many cat-sitting services are franchises, the business is – just that – a business. I’ve looked after cats and other pets for close to 30 years and can’t wait to meet yours too and unlike franchises I can offer a more personal service.


My background is in FM and tutoring. I still get called to work and tutor in schools, charities and retirement homes. I have two enhanced DBS certificates, as well as being a registered member of Narps UK.

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