Serving ALL CATS Between Cambridge and Ely

Hi there! My name is Lance and I’m the Cat Valet; your local cat sitter in Cambridge. They may not act like it but all cats love a bit of TLC, so I offer the premier cat sitting service in the area. With over 30 years spent caring for cats and dogs, I can take great care of your feline friend while you’re away. Many cats can find a stay at the cattery traumatic and stressful, so why not get the best of both worlds? You go away with peace of mind while they stay home where they’re comfortable. Your local, independent Cat Valet is fully insured, with two enhanced DBS certificates and year-round service, so rest assured that your best buddy will be well-looked after whenever you’re away!

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A REASSURING Alternative to the Cattery

I provide a professional cat-sitting service and a feline-friendly alternative to a cattery. I look after cats in their own home environment, where they are happiest, most content and which, in turn, reduces their stress levels while you’re  away. I take the role seriously – it’s about so much more than just turning up to feed your cat. With that in mind, I feel that “Cat Welfare” is the correct term for my service.




More Than a Cat Sitter

While you’re away, rest assured that your favourite pet is well-looked after but also that your home is attended to. As part of the service, your cat sitter in Cambridge can carry out all manner of additional services. Take a look at my Services page for more information on what I can do for you.


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  No Stress

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  Regular Updates

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  Single or Multiple Visits


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  Care and Attention

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  Happy Cats!


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Tense Tabby?

Your cat sitter in Cambridge has over 30 years of experience spent caring for cats and dogs, some of a nervous disposition. I understand how best to approach the ones that want attention but know when to give them space. The ones that like to keep to themselves often end up wanting a good scratch all the same! My service provides a stress-free alternative to the cattery, making sure your pet is looked after while they stay comfy in their own home.

Other Pets

I’m the Cat Valet but, of course, many homes have multiple pets. If you have fish, chickens, or other such pets that need check-ups and regular feeding, I’m very happy to take care of them too! Although cat welfare is our main service we will always try and help those with dogs as well.

Please call and we can chat about yours and your dogs requirements.




Where Do I Serve?

I serve the entire city as a cat sitter in Cambridge, as well as anywhere from there, along the A10, up to Ely.

Postcodes include: CB1, CB2, CB3, CB4, CB5, CB6, CB7, CB24, CB25